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There is something so wonderful about organizing - getting everything into a container and then getting the containers into a space where they fit - very satisfying.  Last year I embarked on a quest to organize one of my studio areas and all the things contained in it. I made great progress.





I was down in that area yesterday and looked around - not so good right now. Time to get it back in order! There is jewelry out that was photo'd but then never put away; beads from a few projects that I left out just in case - then never got around to putting them back; remnants of photo shoot supplies that are just here and there...ugh! it's not pretty

The other studio area in my office is also looking a bit overrun. It's too dark to take a good picture right now - here is what it's supposed to look like:



Now add in plastic boxes everywhere, stuff sticking out of the boxes and then things that I need to have out but don't have a home. Bring in the new containers! Then please wish me luck as I tackle the mess.




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